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993.34.1: Suction PumpSuction Pump, 1906-1953 Spring action metal pump, part of Becton Dickinson Dry Cupping Set, to be used with cupping glasses. Consists of a small container and removable lid with central shaft. To one end of shaft [inside container] a spring is connected. A finger rest collar connected to upper end of shaft is pressed down to activate spring. Manufacturer's details stamped into lid 'BECTON DICKINSON & CO. RUTHERFORD N.J. PAT. DEC - 06'. Nozzle to attached to rubber tube missing.
2006.611.1: Suction/Irrigation TubeSuction/Irrigation Tube, 1935-1972 Suction and irrigation tube, straight, consists of two inner tubes fused together; one with an inlet nozzle and one with an outlet nozzle which has a stopcock and hose end. The inner tubes screw into the outer cover which is perforated for half its length. 'SKLAR GERMANY' is stamped into the perforated cover. 'P.W.P' and 'O.R.' is engraved into the tap of the stopcock.
993.1139.1: Support, AbdominalSupport, Abdominal, 1960-2000 Boxed elastic abdominal support, extra large size. Manufacturer's label attached to the lid reads ' No. 510 MEN'S Elastic Rib Belt with Velcro Fastening Size EX. L. Airway SURGICAL APPLIANCES Ottawa, Ont. Made in Canada'. Box dimensions given.
993.1117.1: Surgery SetSurgery Set, 1860-1901 Mahogany case inlaid with brass with side hooks and front lock mechanism. Partially lined with purple velvet, lift-up panel in lid, removable wooden tray fitted with brass frame to hold instruments and lift out flaps [1 missing]. Contains 5 ivory handled instruments: Tenaculum, scalpel, ligature needle [all stamped with 'S.MAW SON & THOMPSON LONDON'], long curved bladed knife, hernia knife [both stamped with 'S.MAW & SON LONDON'], and a spool of fine wire and safety pin. Key missing.
993.1118.1: Surgical Instrument SetSurgical Instrument Set, 1851-1900 Case containing ten instruments for minor general surgery including: three scalpels, aneurism needle, tenaculum, two straight bistouries with sharp points, curved probe-pointed bistory, curved knife with probe end and a tumour hook. Seven instruments are original to the set with 'W. & H. HUTCHINSON SHEFFIELD' stamped into their surface. Two instruments have 'S. MAW SON & THOMPSON LONDON' stamped into their surface and one instrument has no stamp. A manufacturer's label attached to the internal case lid flap reads 'W. & H. HUTCHINSON SHEFFIELD SURGICAL INSTRUMENT MAKERS TO THE ROYAL NAVY'....
993.372.1: Surgical Needles in CaseSurgical Needles in Case, 1900-1940 15 surgical needles in case, 'REMK' [owner’s initials] engraved on lid and supplier 'J.H.CHAPMAN MONTREAL' stamped into base. The case is fitted with spring slots for holding the needles. The needle types are as follows: 2 x half-curved, 6 x regular ¼ circle, 7 x ½ circle. Case dimensions given.
995.2.10: SyringeSyringe, 1941-1990 2cc [30ml] graduated syringe barrel with details and name of manufacturer in red lettering '3813Y B-D YALE-LOK Becton-Dickinson & Co' and plunger. Metal B-D LUER-LOK tip.
993.1152.1: SyringeSyringe, 1951-2000 2oz all metal syringe with finger rings on top cap and thumb ring on piston rod, three-way stopcock attached. Semi-round graduated piston rod stamped with ¼oz divisions.
995.2.11: SyringeSyringe, 1941-1990 5cc graduated syringe barrel with details and name of manufacturer in brown lettering 'B-D LUER-LOK MULTIFIT MADE IN U.S.A.' and plunger. Metal LUER-LOK tip.
993.218.1: SyringeSyringe, 1945-1960 2cc graduated glass syringe with side arm. 'LUER - KAUFMAN' printed in red on barrel. Piston rod's base marked with fused-in precision line to facilitate dosage measurement.
993.181.1: Syringe Case, HypodermicSyringe Case, Hypodermic, 1911-1960 Nickel plated hypodermic syringe case with lift-out frame, containing 1 needle type S.S. A.L.H.
993.180.1: Syringe Case, HypodermicSyringe Case, Hypodermic, 1911-1960 A hypodermic syringe case with hinged lift out frame attached to lid and fixed fittings attached to base.'TABLOID' BRAND HYPODERMIC CASE' stamped on hinged lid with manufacturers details on base front. 'VED CASSELMAN M.D.' stamped on underside of base. 'RD. No 536549' and 'MADE IN BERLIN' stamped on left side of case. Syringe and needles missing.
993.183.1: Syringe Case, HypodermicSyringe Case, Hypodermic, 1911-1960 Metal case base with lift-out frame containing needle and detachable protective needle sheath.
995.4.13: Syringe in CaseSyringe in Case, 1918-1967 Cased syringe, containing a syringe with a glass barrel, three finger rings, graduated semi-round piston rod, leather and rubber pistons; a regular sharp pointed needle with wire cannula, screw hub; a three-way stopcock. Incomplete, two needles missing. Case dimensions given.
993.179.1: Syringe in Pocket SterilizerSyringe in Pocket Sterilizer, 1949-1960 Leak-proof pocket sterilizer case with a pocket clip attached, containing 1cc syringe; graduated glass 'Pyrex' barrel with round metal piston rod and metal plunger. 'BENCARD LONDON' stamped into lid.