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998.6.1: VibratorVibrator, 1914-1929 A vibrating massage unit with 6 applicator heads in a case. The vibrator is powered by electricity and the applicator heads screw into the front nozzle. A brass name plate is attached by screws onto the vibrator giving manufacturer's, patent and object details. 'RACINE CASECO RACINE WIS' is stamped into both handle holders and 'EAGLE LOCK CO. TERRYVILLE COUNTY U.S.A.' is stamped into case catch. The guarantee certificate is dated 1914. Case dimensions given.
2009.49.1: View-MasterView-Master, 1976 A hand held View-Master, standard, Model G., Red and white body with a blue handle, was released to commemorate the United States Bicentennial. The View-Master was used to view seven 3-D images [also called stereo reel, see 2009.49.2] on a card disk. Stamped in relief 'MADE IN U.S.A. GAF CORPORATION PORTLAND. OREGON T.M. REG. U.S. PAT. OFF. -MARCA REG.- MARQUE DEPOSEE'.
993.629.1: Violet Ray High Frequency GeneratorViolet Ray High Frequency Generator, 1915-1940 A “Renulife Violet Ray Generator” consisting of cased high frequency electro-therapeutical apparatus, Model B, No.167. The case is covered with black seal grain keratol [leatherette] and is fitted with metal corners and a lock. The case is lined with purple velvet which has now discoloured. Two cords of different lengths lead from the transformer, ending in a Bakelite encased plug and a shock-proof handle. The lid has holder clips for five electrodes, these include a metal electrode for systemic treatment: nervousness, anemia etc., and four vacuum glass electrodes: a large and small...
993.241.1: Wallet, MedicineWallet, Medicine, 1900-1915 Brown leather wallet holding nine vials of medicinal tablets. Each vial has cork stopper and a printed label stating name and address of manufacturer and the contents which include strychnine Gm. 0.001, aconitine Gm. 0.0005, calomel Gm. 0.01, morphine sulphate Gm. 0.005, hyoscyamine Gm. 0.00025, digitalin Gm. 0.001, glonoin Gm. 0.00025, anti-constpation formula and anodyne formula for infants. Name and address of manufacturer is printed in gold lettering on interior surface of lid flap.
993.1158.1: Weight for Vaginal SpeculumWeight for Vaginal Speculum, 1881-1930 Rounded lead weight for vaginal speculum.
995.2.5: Weighted Speculum, VaginalWeighted Speculum, Vaginal, 20th Cent. A single end AUVARD vaginal speculum, with a blade measuring 2¾ x 1½\", and weighted with a heavy 2½ lb weight. Commonly used in procedures such as vaginal hysterectomy or dilation and curettage.
993.298.1: Wig SpectaclesWig Spectacles, 18th Cent. Steel framed spectacles, round eyes with corrective lenses, C-bridge, short hinged side arms ending in large ring finials.
993.284.1: Wig SpectaclesWig Spectacles, 1790-1820 Silver frame with C-bridge and round eyes, raised peg screw at hinges. Ayscough type side arms [double hinged]. Incomplete, lenses are missing.
993.292.1: Wig SpectaclesWig Spectacles, 1840-1880 Rectangular clear lenses [non-corrective] with a second set of tinted green lenses hinged at the sides which can be folded out to cover peripheral vision or folded over clear lens to create sunglass effect. Brass frame with crank bridge and loop slide adjustable side arms [narrow telescopic] with pear-shaped loop ends. Maker's name 'SCHILDKNECHT' is stamped into the front end of the side arm, exterior surface.
993.296.1: Wig SpectaclesWig Spectacles, 1790-1821 Sterling silver frame, oval corrective lenses and extendable loop slide side arms with teardrop loop finials. Silver standard mark stamped into bridge along with makers mark 'RM'. Duty mark [profile portrait of reigning British monarch King George III] and maker's mark stamped into left side arm by hinge and the maker's mark and the city mark [anchor for Birmingham, England] stamped into right side arm by hinge.
993.291.1: Wig SpectaclesWig Spectacles, 19th Cent. Spectacles consisting of round lenses in a metal frame, rectangular bridge and double-hinged side arms with small ring finials. Chinese/Japanese.
2013.10.1: Witch Doctor Staff and Rattle, AfricanWitch Doctor Staff and Rattle, African, 1851-1950 A carved wooden staff and rattle, stained black, with three figures on top of each other, from Africa. The bottom figure is of a robed kneeling male [possibly a medicine-man] holding a sphere in one hand and rattle in the other. The center figure is of a kneeling female, partially robed, with a child/baby at her back. The top figure is of a crouched monkey wearing a cone shaped headdress. The base is hollowed out containing a clapper attached by a cord.
999.3.25: Yankauer's MaskYankauer's Mask, 20th Cent. YANKAUER folding face mask with removable spiral wire collar for holding lint or gauze onto which agents such as ether or chloroform were applied. 'Penn, U.S.A. CHROME' stamped into base of frame.
993.1342.1: Yankauer's MaskYankauer's Mask, 1950-1970 YANKAUER face mask with mesh and removable spiral wire collar holding down a piece of gauze onto which agents such as ether or chloroform were applied. 'MILTEX GERMANY' and 'CHROME' stamped into rounded lip.
993.87.1: Yankauer's MaskYankauer's Mask, 1940-1950 Yankauer's face mask with mesh and removable spiral wire collar for holding in place lint or gauze onto which agents such as ether or chloroform were applied. 'REED & PARTON' stamped into rounded lip.