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993.980.1: CentrifugeCentrifuge, 1901-1950 Hand-driven mechanical centrifuge with inbuilt table clamp, removable tube rotation top with 2 aluminium tube holders and graduated tapered glass tubes, 10cc. Spare rotation top and tube holder. Spare rotation top and 2 tube holders have 'MADE IN GERMANY' stamped into surface.
2013.9.1: Ceremonial WhistleCeremonial Whistle, c. 1870 A Kwakiutl ceremonial Hamatsa carved single note cedar whistle with cord and textile binding wrapped around areas. The wood is glued together with pitch from the hemlock tree. Contact with early seafarers is seen in the navel type of string used. 'A N' and '15' is carved into the wood surface.
2006.571.1: Chest PieceChest Piece, 1920-1929 Double outlet stethoscope chest piece for binaural stethoscope. Reversible, flat diaphragm type with clip-on cover and removable hardened rubber bell end.
993.256.1: ChiselChisel, 19th Cent. Chisel blade, 'W & H HUTCHINSON SHEFFIELD' stamped into surface.
993.978.1: Chisel & Gouge SetChisel & Gouge Set Case containing a set of 2 solid forged gouges [½ and ⅜ inch diameter blade] and 2 soild forged chisels [½ and ⅜ inch diameter blade]. Chisels & Gouges is printed in gold lettering on the lid.
993.911.1: Chisel, MastoidChisel, Mastoid, 1950-1990 Mastoid chisel, ear instrument. Plain. Size 1 (1/8"). Manufacturer's trademark [serpent entwined around a staff with crown] stamped into handle.
993.1176.1: Clamp, CircumcisionClamp, Circumcision, 1950-1980 Circumcision clamp, 1.3cm diameter for use on newborns. 'GOMCO USA' & 'PAT 119180' stamped into base and '1.3CM.' stamped into underside of base, 'GOMCO USA' stamped into body part.
2006.663.1: Clamp, HaemorrhoidClamp, Haemorrhoid, 1941-1950 SMITH's type haemorrhoid clamp with ivory faced blades, scissor handles and set screw.
993.800.1: Clamp, PileClamp, Pile, 1901-1930 MATHIEU's angular haemorrhoid clamp with ivory faced serrated blades, disjointing, single spring and set screw. Manufacturer’s trademark [serpent entwined around a staff with crown (Rod of Asclepius)] and suppliers name 'THE J.F. HARTZ Co.' stamped into the surface. Incomplete small ivory fragment missing.
2006.110.1: Clamp, PileClamp, Pile, 1945-1980 COOK's haemorrhoid clamp; disjointing handles with grip grooves, single spring and bar ratchet.
2006.676.1: Clamp, PilesClamp, Piles, 1941-1990 JARVIS's pile clamp, slightly curved serrated angiotribe jaws, screw lock joint, ring handles and ratchet lock. Jaws 6cm length.
2006.555.1: Clamp, RegulatingClamp, Regulating, 20th Cent. Regulating cut-off clamp, HOFFMAN screw compressor with bar in fixed position.
993.139.1: Clamp, TonsilClamp, Tonsil, 1915-1954 CULLOM's tonsil clamp with ratchet [also called compressor forceps]. A gauze pad is held in place by the hinged ring.
993.126.1: Collins' LampCollins' Lamp, 1901-1920 Portable benzoline lamp with collimating lens. The oil is poured into the base which contains a sponge, the wick is threaded in the stem. The lit wick is reflected in a polished metal backing through the lens. 'MAW LONDON.E.C.' is stamped into the surface.
993.1302.1: Colorimeter Clinical ManualColorimeter Clinical Manual, c. 1952 Clinical manual for Klett-Summerson Photoelectric Colorimeter. The manual consists of sheets of printed paper in a ring binder giving general directions for detailed analytical procedures. This includes operational instructions with diagram of instrument, list of Klett tested reagents, methods to determine: level of blood sugar, non-protein nitrogen in blood, uric acid in blood, urea in blood, creatinine in blood, serum bilirubin, cholesterol in whole blood, plasma or serum, ascorbic acid [vitamin C] in plasma, calcium in blood serum, inorganic phosphate in whole blood, plasma or serum,...