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993.35.1: Cupping GlassCupping Glass, c. 1906 Large sized cupping glass. Part of 'Becton Dickinson Dry Cupping Set'.
993.9.1: Cupping PumpCupping Pump, 20th Cent. Suction pump with screw on glass cup. Instruction label 'How to keep pump in order' adhering to pump surface.
993.1140.1: CuretteCurette, 1950-1999 YARROW enucleator curette. Scoop on long plain shaft with grooved handle.
993.697.1: Curette, AdenoidCurette, Adenoid, 1901-1950 KIRSTEIN's adenoid curette, size 2, with a sharp blade. Manufacturer’s trademark [serpent entwined around a staff with crown (Rod of Asclepius)] and size number '2' stamped into shaft.
999.3.75: Curette, EndocervicalCurette, Endocervical, 1931-1960 GUSBERG's endocervical curette, medium size, cross hatch textured handle. 'SKYLAR USA STAINLESS' and 'PAT APPD FOR' stamped into handle.
998.9.25: Curette, EthmoidCurette, Ethmoid, 1960-1995 SCHAEFER's double ended ethmoid curette, with a sharp circular scoop at one end and an oval scoop at the other. A graduated scale, in inches, is stamped into one side of the handle. Engraved into the other side are initials 'Dr. R.M.'.
993.782.1: Curette, PlacentaCurette, Placenta, 20th Cent. MUNDE's placenta curette, a long slender tapering shaft terminating in a pear-drop shaped fenestra. The edge of the fenestra is rounded on one side and flattened on the other and on the inner surface. The supplier's name 'THE J.F.HARTZ Co.' and the manufacturer's trade mark [serpent entwined around a staff with crown (Rod of Asclepius)] are stamped into the surface.
993.698.1: Curette, PlacentaCurette, Placenta, 20th Cent. MACHELL's placenta curette, blunt with loop handle, solid forged.
993.695.1: Curette, UterineCurette, Uterine, 20th Cent. Uterine irrigating curette, sharp. Size '5' and 'CAMP-HY. GERMANY' stamped into the surface.
2006.134.1: Curette, UterineCurette, Uterine, 1901-1950 Uterine curette, double ended, with one sharp and one blunt end. 'DOWN.LONDON' stamped into the surface.
993.1165.1: Curette, UterineCurette, Uterine, 1951-2000 Blunt irrigating uterine curette with wing-nut to attach to hollow handle. Part of set. Handle and parts missing.
993.694.1: Curette, UterineCurette, Uterine, 1891-1940 RHEINSTADTER's irrigating uterine curette, fenestrated spoon-like-scoop head, sharp. Manufacturer 'MAW LONDON' stamped into the handle's surface.
993.1164.1: Curette, UterineCurette, Uterine, 1901-1950 RHEINSTADTER fenestrated spoon type uterine curette for flushing.
993.693.1: Curette, UterineCurette, Uterine, 20th Cent. Flushing uterine curette, size 2 fenestrated spoon-like-scoop head, blunt.
993.696.1: Curette, UterineCurette, Uterine, 20th Cent. Double ended instrument, one end a blunt curette and the other a narrow vaginal spatula. There is an image of two hearts, side by side, stamped into the surface with 'TRADEMARK' written beneath.