Anaesthesiology: Objects 1 - 15 of 47

998.1.3: AdenotomeAdenotome, 1940-1960 ST. CLAIR-THOMSON's adenotome, consisting of an adenoid curette with a horizontal blade and a detachable guard/cage with two long teeth. Instrument's size '2' stamped into surface.
2011.17.1: Air-wayAir-way, 1955-1980 HEWITT's air-way mouth piece [1â…›" diameter] with curved hollow rubber tube. 'ALLEN&HANBURYSLTD LONDON' stamped into mouth piece.
2011.16.1: Air-wayAir-way, 1955-1980 HEWITT's aluminium air-way mouth piece [1" diameter] with curved hollow rubber tube. 'DOWN BRO. LONDON' stamped into mouth piece.
2014.5.1: Anaesthesia MachineAnaesthesia Machine, 1938-1946 Anaesthetizing machine with fluid meters for administrating controlled concentrations of oxygen, nitrous oxide and cyclopropane, and gas strainer, vaporizer and delivery machine. Metal label attached to machine reads 'Lundy Rochester Model HEIDBRINK KINET-0-METER REG U.S. PAT. OFF. THE HEIDBRINK CO. MINNEAPOLIS, MINN.' with trade mark 'HI-CO'. The apparatus is mounted onto a cast iron stand with four caster wheels.
993.933.1: Anaesthetic Inhaler Anaesthetic Inhaler , c. 1880 Cone shaped inhaler with fixed mesh insert and slip-on leather cover with vent holes at the top.
993.1318.1: Anaesthetic RegulatorAnaesthetic Regulator, 20th Cent. Part of anaesthetic gas regulator; C3H6 cyclopropane [no longer used in anaesthesia] and oxygen with two pressure gauges.
993.1369.1: Anaesthetic RegulatorAnaesthetic Regulator, 20th Cent. Nitrogen regulator with pressure gauge and two taps. Manufacturer's details stamped into surface ' OHIO CHEMICAL & SURGICAL EQUIPMENT CO.- A DIVISION OF AIR REDUCTION COMPANY INCORPORATED MADISON, WISCONSIN'. Same manufacturer's details are printed on pressure gauge dial.
993.589.1: Buxton's BottleBuxton's Bottle, 1881-1930 BUXTON bottle, part of Chloroform-Ether inhaler equipment [Junker's Chloroform Inhaler] fitted with automatic safety valve. Graduated to 8 drms. Screw top with inlet and outlet tubes fitted with stopcocks, metal hook attached and leather internal seal. 'BARTH & CO LONDON' stamped into top and letter 'B' into stopcock handle.
993.932.1: Ether DropperEther Dropper, c. 1880 ESMARCH ether dropper. Amber coloured glass bottle, rounded with narrow neck with lip. Metal top set into cork with short and longer metal tube protruding from both top and bottom. Bottle has a flat and convex side profile.
2006.26.1: Ether Dropper ClampEther Dropper Clamp, c. 1950 KAN KLAMP's dropper clamp with threaded join to raise and lower bell shaped piece with two air valve spouts with screw top caps connected, cushioned with cork washer, and spare washer. 'PATENTED FEB.27-1923' stamped into surface. Directions of use: Attach clamp to the top of a 'KAN KLAMP' can of ether/chloroform. A slight turn of the screw top caps on the air valves releases the desired flow of anaesthetic.
2006.546.1: Ether HookEther Hook, 20th Cent. GWATHMEY ether hook with plain end.
993.600.1: Ethyl Chloride Dispensing TubeEthyl Chloride Dispensing Tube, 1902-1951 Hand held cylinder with valve, screw stopper and bulbous glass nozzle outlet; that holds and allows the administering of the Gebauer's Ethyl Chloride. 'GEBAUER'S ETHYL-CHLORIDE C.P. THE GEBAUER CHEM.CO.CLEVELAND' is stamped into the cylinder's surface.
993.1229.1: Face MaskFace Mask, 20th Cent. 'MIX-O-MASK' oxygen face mask, moulded plastic, with corrugated inhaler tubing, elasticated band to hold in place. Partial remains of label adhering to external surface.
993.1316.1: FlowmeterFlowmeter, 20th Cent. Gauge to measure [litres per minute]; helium and oxygen mix [80% Helium 20% oxygen], nitrous oxide and oxygen, for anaesthesia.
998.1.4: Forceps, Elevating, UterineForceps, Elevating, Uterine, 1940-1970 SOMER's uterine elevating forceps with curved fenestrated serrated jaws, disjointing arms, extra long ratchet and ring handles. Manufacturer’s trademark [serpent entwined around a staff with crown (Rod of Asclepius)] and supplier's name 'INGRAM & BELL' stamped into surface. Also 'R.W.I.' and '14' stamped into both arms.