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2006.465.1: Skeletal Model, Foot and AnkleSkeletal Model, Foot and Ankle, 20th Cent. Skeletal model of a foot with removable lower section of connecting tibia and fibula.
2006.466.1: Skeletal Model, Right HandSkeletal Model, Right Hand, 1970-1985 Skeletal model of a right hand and wrist slotted into base stand. 'Tandearil®' and 'Geigy' printed on surface of base [Tandearil® was an anti-inflammatory drug used to treat arthritis and bursitis marketed by Ciba-Geigy, withdrawn from International market July 1985].
993.664.1: Skeletal Right Foot Skeletal Right Foot , 20th Cent. Skeletal right foot. Bones held together with wire, metal springs and elasticated cord.
995.4.16: Skin Section ModelSkin Section Model, 1900-1940 Painted numbered teaching model [plaster over wooden core] of magnified cross section of skin - sweat gland flanked by 2 hair follicles. 3 tiers connected with side hinges on wooden base. Removable skin section in middle tier dermis to expose vessels. Round metal disc with manufacturers name and address nailed onto base.
2006.39.1: Tripod Skull RestTripod Skull Rest, 20th Cent. Adjustable tripod with skull rest section missing.