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995.4.84: Burton Burton "Black Light" Lamp, 1935-1955 Portable hand held electrical fluorescing UV-A lamp [Wood's light]. Consists of two fluorescent tubes with black glass outer-casing plugged into the lamp housing. The Bakelite lamp housing has a "on and off" switch, a central magnifier lens, a side handle and a 5 ft cord. 110-120 volts, produces 3660 angstrom units of UV. Also three 4W General Electric tubes: two 'DAYLIGHT' and one 'BLACKLIGHT' with the black glass outer-casing missing. 'Burton' stamped into housing surface.
995.4.6: Cryocautery SetCryocautery Set, 1901-1950 Cryocautery set in a lidded case consisting of eight nozzle attachments; a measuring cylinder, graduated 1-5 cc; an empty amber coloured bottle with a cork. The case contains a lift-out tray with grips to secure all the parts. Manufacturer's details 'CRYOCAUTÈRE VIGNAT PORGÈS PARIS Bté S.G.D.G. 1451' stamped into the lid surface. Incomplete. Case dimensions given.
996.7.1: Cryocautery SetCryocautery Set, 1901-1930 Cryocautery set in a lidded case with clasp. The set includes five probes and a handle. 'DRAPIER FRANCE' stamped into all parts except part c. 'BTE.SGDG' also stamped into the handle top. The plastic central body has cracked showing an old repair with adhesive tape. The instrument uses carbon dioxide snow pencils to cool the probes. Incomplete, nozzle missing. Case dimensions given.
995.4.24: Dry Ice ApparatusDry Ice Apparatus, 1940-1960 Portable apparatus which consist of a delivery system for dry ice from liquid carbon dioxide (CO2) cartridges using an applicator for capturing and using the ice. The apparatus fits into a case with a blue velvet lining. The case contains the chamber: a clear plastic casing to which is attached by screw thread a base made of black plastic insulating material and the cartridge support: an elongated shell with outer longitudinal ribs. Also three tube applicators of varying sizes with pistons, a CO2 cartridge held within the cartridge support, four extra CO2 cartridges, a metal spatula and an...
993.914.1: HandleHandle, 1952-1977 BARD-PARKER handle. 'BARD-PARKER 550-1', 'PAT PEND. MADE IN USA' stamped into surface. Owner's name 'WILKIE' etched into surface.
2006.40.1: Padgett-Hood Manual DermatomePadgett-Hood Manual Dermatome, 1948-1967 Portable 'Padgett-Hood' manual dermatome, which comprises a holder with a convex surface which rotates on a shaft held in a stand with two handles either end, a thickness gauge and the blade holder. Cuts skin grafts of uniform predetermined thickness from five to fifty thousandths of an inch. Manufacturing No. 1424. Incomplete, the cutting blade, cement and brush [for applying cement] are missing.
993.917.1: Silicone SheetSilicone Sheet, 1964-1977 A sterile tube containing a silicone gel sheet, 'STERILIZED READY FOR IMMEDIATE USE', sealed in a plastic bag. Information label and company label attached to the inside of the bag. 'Koken D.M.P.S. No. 1 KOKEN CO.,LTD. 1-462 SHIMOOCHIAI, SHINJUKU KU, TOKYO' printed on the company label. Tube dimensions given.