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993.1167.1: Automatic Blood LancetAutomatic Blood Lancet, c. 1959 Three part automatic blood lancet with bell tip. The blade is adjustable and is regulated by the length of the plunger withdrawal. Coil spring. Blade set into handle with a locking device. 'ADAMS GERMANY' stamped into surface.
993.596.1: CandleCandle Metal tube with wax candle and internal spring mechanisms. To be used with Candle lamp illuminator.
993.595.1: Candle Lamp IlluminatorCandle Lamp Illuminator, 1852-1885 Candle lamp illuminator fitted with 2 bulls eye condensing lenses of different focal length for direct and indirect retinoscopy. '14' stamped into top rim. Top missing. Design ascribed to John Evangelist Purkinji [1823].
2006.571.1: Chest PieceChest Piece, 1920-1929 Double outlet stethoscope chest piece for binaural stethoscope. Reversible, flat diaphragm type with clip-on cover and removable hardened rubber bell end.
993.126.1: Collins' LampCollins' Lamp, 1901-1920 Portable benzoline lamp with collimating lens. The oil is poured into the base which contains a sponge, the wick is threaded in the stem. The lit wick is reflected in a polished metal backing through the lens. 'MAW LONDON.E.C.' is stamped into the surface.
995.4.25: Diagnostic SetDiagnostic Set, 1950-1970 Diagnostic set in a lined case consisting of a battery handle with ‘ALLEN & HANBURYS LONDON MADE IN ENGLAND’ stamped into base and ‘RIMLOCK TRADE MARK ENGLAND’ stamped into neck. A 'MAY OPHTHALMOSCOPE IMPROVED’ with 23 lenses ranging in power from minus 20 to plus 20. A diagnostic otoscope with an auxiliary magnifying lens and lamp attached. Three aural specula: 4mm, 5mm & 6mm. Two spare lamps. Label is attached to case interior. Dimensions given are for closed case.
993.1338.1: Diagnostic SetDiagnostic Set, 1921-1970 Diagnostic set; the case contains various instruments for otolaryngology and dentistry, some original to the set, others added. Hinged case; the base holds: Vitrohm potential adjuster with bayonet connection for fitting into electric lamp socket and electrical connecting lead; battery case with an on/off switch and an electrical connecting lead; disjointing vaginal speculum fitted with a lamp; nasal retractor with a ratchet mechanism to open the jaws of the speculum longitudinally; diagnostic otoscope with pivoting lens at the top; set of three aural specula 2, 4 and 6mm [fits otoscope];...
2006.365.1: Digital Blood Pressure Monitor KitDigital Blood Pressure Monitor Kit, 1968-1983 'Tycos' electronic ‘SELF CHECK’ blood pressure monitor kit in a bag, consisting of a digital sphygmomanometer or blood pressure monitor model 7052-08 [battery compartment located on the underside]; an inflatable bag and microphone enclosed in the cuff with an air line and microphone wire leading from it; an inflation bulb with a deflation valve and deflation rate adjuster leading from the cuff; a textile backed blue plastic bag, closed by a popper; an instruction booklet. Bag dimensions given.
993.1169.1: Electrocardio Guide BookletElectrocardio Guide Booklet, 1964 "The Electrocardio Guide". A collection of schematic reproductions of electrocardiograms designed to help recognition of normal and abnormal patterns. "Re-drawn from tracings presented in Goldman, M. J.:Principles of Clinical Electrocardiography, 5th edition, Lange Medical Publications, Los Altos, California, 1964." 'Dr. N.M.Arnott' written on 1st page. Number code 4-65 217L-2-765 on back cover.
993.625.1: Electrocardiograph, PortableElectrocardiograph, Portable, 1951-1970 Cased portable direct-writing string electrocardiograph, physician's-office model, with handled latching cover. Two electrical cables: a mains plug and a four point lead are stored in a small compartment accessed by a door in the back. The points would have electrodes attached when in use. Three of the points are known as limb leads and are labelled with one of the following initials: 'RA' [right arm], 'LA' [left arm, 'LL' [left leg]. The fourth point is labelled 'CH' [chest lead]. There is a separate compartment to store the paper roll onto which the results were printed as a graph. A...
993.214.1: HaemacytometerHaemacytometer, 1901-1950 Haemacytometer in red leather case consisting of two graduated mixing pipettes for both red and white corpuscles, two tubes for pipettes with mouth-piece and a Thoma [Hawksley] counting chamber. The Thoma's counting chamber has a cell with a uniform depth of 0.1 m/m; the bottom of the cell is ruled into 400 squares, each having an area of 1/400th of a square millimeter. 'BLUTKÖRPERZÄHLAPPARAT' and manufacturer's name 'CARL ZEISS JENA' embossed into lid in gold coloured print. Case dimensions given.
993.66.1: HaemacytometerHaemacytometer, 1935-1975 Haemacytometer in red leather covered case consisting of graduated blood counting pipettes for both red and white corpuscles, tube with mount and double Neubauer counting chamber with cover glass. 'Haemacytometer' embossed into lid in gold coloured lettering. Name of owner 'J.C. Poole' written on strip of tape adhering to lid surface.
993.178.1: HaemoglobinometerHaemoglobinometer, 1920-1929 'The Dare Hemoglobinometer' in case with 'New Dare Hemoglobinometer' leaflet. The instrument consists of: measuring apparatus with a revolving scale standardized to 16 grams to which a telescopic tube with screw-on eye piece attaches, battery handle with light source attachment, candle with bracket and holder, spare lamp, 2 piece lancet. The instrument name and manufacturer's information is printed in gold lettering on the inside lid of the case reading 'The Dare hemoglobinometer, made and guaranteed by Rieker Instrument Co., Philadelphia, Pa., U.S.A.' and 'The Dare hemoglobinometer' is...
993.68.1: HaemometerHaemometer, 1935-1975 Sahli-Leitz haemometer in black leather case lined with velvet and blue silk, consisting of housing with 2x cylindrical colour standards, double-graduated round measuring tube, capillary pipette [broken], stirring rod, calibrated round 40mm vial, tube with mount, cleaning brush and directions for use. Incomplete.
993.188.1: Hammer, PercussionHammer, Percussion, 1911-1950 Percussion hammer with plated metal handle, leadened head with rubber ring. Makers name ' HAWKINS LONDON' stamped into handle.