Materia Medica & Pharmacology: Objects 1 - 15 of 25

993.201.1: Ampoule SetAmpoule Set, 1920-1955 Lidded tin; 'LABORATOIRES FRAISSE PARIS' and 'Pochette Medicale Sterilisable' stamped into lid with list of products printed onto sheet adhering to internal lid surface. Contains: Fitted rubber rack for 7 items; 'F. GRATIEUX PARIS' in relief on base. Items include: graduated 2cc syringe with needle, 4 labelled ampoules: 2 x Huile Camphrée 10%, 1 Adrènaline ½ milligr., 1 caféine gr.20 [psychoactive stimulant] and an ampoule list insert. Tin dimensions given.
2006.438.1: Ampoules in CaseAmpoules in Case, 1920-1950 Physician's pocket ampoule case with purple velvet lining and metal popper fasteners containing 12 ampoules: 3 x 1cc. Ergone 0.5%, 3 x 1cc. Digifortis, 3 x 1cc. Pituitrin 0.5%, 1cc. Camphor In Oil [camphor 0.2gm. 3gr.), 1cc. Pitressin, Chloretone 0.5%, 1.5cc. Coramine [Nikethamide B.P.]. Inner lid of case embossed with gold lettering reading: 'Dr. G. W. Bissett COMPLIMENTS OF N. E. SUDDABY'. Ampoule knife missing. Given dimensions are for closed case.
2006.185.1: Ampoules in CaseAmpoules in Case, 20th Cent. Physician's pocket ampoule case with purple velvet lining and metal popper fasteners to hold 12 ampoules, containing 7 ampoules:1cc. Camphor in Oil [3grs.] No.4, 3 x 1cc Adrenalin chloride solution No.88, 3 x 1cc Digifortis No.173. 'MANLEY FINKLESTEIN, MD. COMPLIMENTS OF D. J. BERRYHILL' in embossed gold lettering on internal lid surface. Ampoule leaflet included. 5 ampoules and ampoule knife missing. Given dimensions are for closed case.
993.245.1: Apothecary Traveling BoxApothecary Traveling Box, 1870-1894 Mahogany chest with brass plate on top, brass lock plate, key plate, hinges and draw handle. The chest and draw are lined with blue velvet. The chest is divided into compartments to hold 16 squared ground glass-stoppered narrow mouth bottles, 4 different sizes [all empty]. The draw is divided into 4 compartments. Manufacturers label adhering to inner lid surface.
2006.68.13: AtaraxAtarax, 1968-1977 10ml vial of liquid Atarax [hydroxyzine hydrochloride 50mg per ml] an antihistamine. Lot no. 302 27041, expiry date 6/78.
2006.379.1: Atropine Sulphate Ointment in BoxAtropine Sulphate Ointment in Box, 1941-1960 ⅛ ounce tube of 'OPTHYL No.1 Ophthalmic Ointment ATROPINE SULPHATE 1% Anesthetic Opthyl Base' in 2 part box. Lot No. 6223. Manufactured by Charles R. Will & Co. Limited, 'C R W' stamped into bottom of tube.
993.89.1: Drug CaseDrug Case, c. 1930 A leather case with strap and buckle, the case when opened reveals an empty pocket and 8 straps holding medicine bottles. The bottles have screw-top caps with inner cork lining and printed labels with the name and address of the supplier 'ARMY & NAVY Co-operative Society, Limited. 105, VICTORIA STREET, Westminster S.W.', and the name of the drug held within and directions of use. The bottles are empty except for powdered remains in 3 bottles. The bottles held: Liver Tablets, Ipecacuanha, Chlorate of Potash and Borax Tablets, Chlorodyne, Boric Acid, Aspirin (Acetyl Salicylic Acid),...
993.606.1: Drug CaseDrug Case, 1901-1950 Leather case opens out with lift-out panel to one side holding 27 vials [10 without corks]: 2 corked vials with hand written labels containing tannic acid [light brown crystalline powder] and potassium permanganate [[black crystals], 3 empty corked vials with hand written labels for cocaine hydrochloride, ergotin and iodine [small amount of purple-brown solid residue remains] and 22 empty vials. To the other side are 2 compartments, one is an empty lidded area with the name of the supplier on the lid and the other compartment contains 4 sets of clips holding jars; 3 with cork lids, 2 with...
993.1003.1: Drug Kit, EmergencyDrug Kit, Emergency, 1930-1950 "Pochette Medicale D'Urgence". Hinged lidded aluminium case containing 7 sealed glass ampoules of medicinal solutions: ether, novocain, sparteine, ergotine, camphor, caffeine and camphor in oil [not original] held in a textile covered card holder. Paper list of ampoule contents, graduated 2cc frosted glass syringe barrel with round glass piston rod and needle with regular point. F. Gratieu engraved on left hand side corner of base. 'LABORATOIRE FRAISSE PARIS' stamped into base. Morphine ampoule missing.
2006.380.1: Eserine Sulphate OintmentEserine Sulphate Ointment, 1940-1960 ⅛ ounce tube of 'OPTHYL No.9 Ophthalmic Ointment ESERINE SULPHATE 0.25% Anesthetic Opthyl Base.' Lot No. 58571. Manufactured by Charles R. Will & Co. Limited.
2006.381.1: Garamycin OintmentGaramycin Ointment, c. 1970 2gm tube of 0.1% [1mg/gm] gentamicin sulfate 'GARAMYCIN OINTMENT'. 'Each gram of ointment contains: 1mg gentamicin as sulfate. Usual dose: Apply a small amount to the affected area three or four times daily.' Expiry date 'MAY1971' and Lot No. '9YKF5' stamped into metal base. Product details given in both English and French. Geramycin is an aminoglycoside antibiotic.
993.234.1: Homeopathic Apothecary Traveling BoxHomeopathic Apothecary Traveling Box, c. 1900 Polished wooden case with hinged lift-up lid. The lid is lined with black leather which has the suppliers name and address stamped in gold lettering 'R. SKINNER HOMOEOPATHIC CHEMIST HIGH ST BROMLEY. KENT.' There are also 2 pockets labelled 'PLASTER', within one pocket is a small leather bound folder stamped 'CALENDULA' [a genus of plants] in gold lettering. To open the draw a brass pin must first be removed. A brass handle opens the drawer which is divided into 4 sections with a leather cover for the far right-hand side section. The case contains 12 pill bottles with corks [10 tied with...
993.184.1: Medicine CaseMedicine Case, 1911-1960 'Tabloid' brown leather pocket pouch for carrying vials of tablet medicines for hypodermic injection. Flip top lid with front snap fastener. Pale tan leather inside with manufacturer details and an Abridged list of 'TABLOID' hypodermic products.
993.147.1: Medicine ChestMedicine Chest, c. 1820 Mahogany medicine chest, triptych style, with hinged lid and 2 doors in the front which swing open to reveal 2 draws in the front section and two smaller draws on each side of the door sections with ivory knob handles. The chest has compartments to hold 14 bottles, 3 large, 11 small. Of these 2 large and 2 small bottles are missing. The medicine bottles are hand blown with stoppers and the large bottle and 6 of the 9 smaller bottles have labels attached: prepared ginger, Goulard's extract [a solution of lead acetate and lead oxide], laudanum, paregoric elixir [a camphorated tincture of...
993.262.1: Pastilles, MeloidsPastilles, Meloids, 20th Cent. A hinged lidded tin containing '½oz. net. 'MELLOW-VOICE PASTILLES'. The pastilles are black and square in shape and contain: licorice, menthol and capsicum. Meloids were manufactured by Boots Pure Drug Company Ltd. Nothingham, England and sold in the U.S.A. and Canada by Rexall Drug Stores.