Non-Western Medicine: Objects 1 - 3 of 3

993.1221.1: Acupuncture SetAcupuncture Set, 20th Cent. Cardboard box with 'Dr C.E. Robinson' printed on lid with Chinese writing on side, 'Acupuncture set' and 'ROBINSON' written in felt tip ink. A model of a man with acupressure points depicted in different colours with Chinese script printed in black ink. A model of an ear with acupressure points depicted by red dot with Chinese script printed in black ink. Zippered case containing 29 acupuncture needles of different lengths. An envelope with Chinese script back and front and a picture of 2 geese flying, the envelope contains a folded sheet of tissue paper. A stapled booklet with 39 pages...
993.374.1: Forceps, OrientalForceps, Oriental Two copper alloy instruments joined by a leather thong. Forceps/tweezers with engraved design on outer surfaces and small tweezers with 2 pointed tools hanging from decorative bar.
993.371.1: Tongue ScraperTongue Scraper, 1835-1900 Oriental tongue scraper composed of a carved ivory or bone feather with painted images of fleas, glass beads, two joined tassels and a large oval coin, all connected by a cord. The coin, known as the Tempo Tsuho, was struck from 1835 to 1870, a period of transition in Japan from the long ruling Shoguns to the modernization of the Meiji Restoration. The symbols on one side of the coin represents equal to 100 [100 Mon coin of Japan]. On the outer edge on two sides of the coin there is a stamp mark of a cherry blossom.