Orthopaedics: Objects 1 - 15 of 42

999.3.96: Bandage, Plaster of ParisBandage, Plaster of Paris, 1945-1960 A box of 6 cylinder tins each containing 3 inch x 5 yards plaster of Paris bandage. Each tin has a push-on lid sealed with white textile tape and a pale blue label giving direction of use; 'Immerse bandage on end in water just warm to the hand (a gallon is a convenient quantity and allow to remain until all bubbles cease to rise. This takes about 30 seconds. After saturation squeeze out excess water from the ends towards the centre and apply as quickly as possible. See full directions inside. KEEP DRY'. Box dimensions given.
999.3.97: Bandages, Plaster of ParisBandages, Plaster of Paris, 1936-1960 A box of one dozen sealed round tins each containing 'Gypsona'™ Plaster of Paris bandage [6 inches x 3 yards, 15.24cm x 2.74cm]. Order no. 5006. 'These bandages are prepared with a uniform content of the finest Plaster of Paris. They are quick-setting, odourless and non-irritating to the skin'. Content description printed on the box and the tins in four languages: English, French, Spanish and Portuguese. Box dimensions given.
993.658.1: Bone Cutting ForcepsBone Cutting Forceps, 20th Cent. LISTON bone cutting forceps with straight cutting blades. 'THE J. F. HARTZ CO.' and manufacturer's trademark [serpent entwined around a staff with crown] stamped into surface.
2011.13.1: Bone SawBone Saw, 1952-1998 Metacarpal saw with a hollow fluted handle.
993.655.1: Brace, WristBrace, Wrist, 20th Cent. Left arm brace, fitting just below the elbow. Two straps with buckles to hold brace in place, a wad of lint is sewn onto the lower strap.
993.978.1: Chisel & Gouge SetChisel & Gouge Set Case containing a set of 2 solid forged gouges [½ and ⅜ inch diameter blade] and 2 soild forged chisels [½ and ⅜ inch diameter blade]. Chisels & Gouges is printed in gold lettering on the lid.
993.1220.1: Drill, BoneDrill, Bone, 1914-1930 Archimedean bone drill with continuous clockwise motion. Set of 6 drill points, assorted sizes, held in screw cap hollow handle. '98' stamped into surface in 4 areas of the drill/handle and on each drill point.
2006.264.1: GougeGouge, 20th Cent. Heavy handled gouge with rounded blade end 15mm width. Manufacturer's details 'STILLE' & 'SWEDEN' stamped into handle.
2006.265.1: GougeGouge, 20th Cent. Heavy handled gouge with rounded blade end 12mm width. Manufacturer's details 'STILLE' & 'SWEDEN' and 'O.R. V.G.H' [operating room, Vancouver General Hospital] stamped into handle.
993.908.1: MalletMallet, 1950-1975 Solid metal mallet for bone surgery. Chrome plated steel with lead filled head. Trademark stamped inside circle.
993.92.1: OsteotomeOsteotome, 1921-1970 Osteotome, solid forged, in leather pouch. Trademark [serpent entwined around a staff with crown] stamped into osteotome.
2006.263.1: OsteotomeOsteotome, 20th Cent. MACEWEN osteotome with heavy handle and ¼inch [6mm] width graduated blade. Distributor's name 'FISHER & BURPE LTD' and width of blade '¼' stamped into handle. 'X VGH OR' [Vancouver General Hospital, Operating Room ] also stamped into handle.
2006.235.1: Periosteal RaspatoryPeriosteal Raspatory, 20th Cent. LANGENBECK angular periosteal raspatory with flat handle. Manufacturer's name 'CARL REINER' and 'COR' stamped into handle.
993.659.1: Plate, BonePlate, Bone, 20th Cent. LANE bone fracture plate with 6 screw holes, series F for femur, size 3. 'VANADIUM', 'F3' and manufacturer's logo stamped into the surface.
993.1315.1: Prosthetic ArmProsthetic Arm, 1901-1950 Prosthetic right arm for amputation above elbow. An arm with elbow joint and shoulder support with buckle and canvas strap. All the fingers are rigid, the thumb has some movement by means of a pin hinge. Felt padding lines the interior upper arm section. The hand is covered with a glove. Remains of label adhering to forearm reads 'MAP.TOURANGEA....ORTHOPEDISTE.SURG.......361A RUE ST JAC.....MONTREA....'