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993.236.1: Apothecary Balance ScalesApothecary Balance Scales, 19th Cent. Balance scales with two round brass trays suspended from 3 green cords each. The balance beam is made of steel. Positioned at the upper part of the hanger there is a ring inside of which is a reference needle for the pointer and a small hole at the top for suspending the instrument from a fixture or from the hand.
993.1373.1: Beam Balance Scale SetBeam Balance Scale Set, 1801-1850 Portable boxed apothecary scales and weights. The case includes a draw with a flower shaped handle. The contents of the case include: a two piece stand consisting of the main shaft, with an elevating lever, which screws into a brass plate on the lid of the case and the upper shaft and cross beam which screws into the main shaft, the upper shaft is attached to the elevating lever by means of a cord, and to the balance beam [both now missing]; part of a green cord [probably from a weighing pan]; twenty seven weights including scruples, drachms and grain weights. A printed manufacturer's...
997.17.63: BottleBottle, 1900-1928 Green embossed bottle and black hard rubber stopper with washer. Embossed on bottle front is 'W.E.RUMMING NANAIMO B.C.', in the center is an image of a pick and shovel crossing at handles [company trademark] with words 'REGD' above and 'TRADE MARK' below. Embossed at the back of the bottle near to base is 'RILEY'S PATENT THE RILEY MNFG Co LONDON.S.W'. 'NANAIMO B.C. PATENT' AND 'W.E.RUMMING RILEY'S' is stamped on either side of the stopper.
993.190.1: Bottle HolderBottle Holder, 1911-1950 Screw top metal container used to carry medicine bottle.
993.223.1: Bottle in HolderBottle in Holder, 1911-1950 Stoppered narrow mouth glass bottle in a metal screw-cap container. Leather disc in base to cushion bottle. Outlines of a bee and 'LONDON MADE' stamped into base.
993.231.1: Bottle, ApothecaryBottle, Apothecary, 1862-1876 Empty cylindrical round shouldered blue syrup bottle, narrow neck, flared lip. The side of the bottle is moulded with an octagonal recess for a label plate. The plastic covered label has black lettering \'SYR. FER.PHOS.CO\' and gold trim. The bottle has two moulding seams down sides and embossed lettering on base \'W N WALTON PATD SEP 23 1862\'. Incomplete, stopper is missing.
997.17.64: Bottle, Citrate of MagnesiaBottle, Citrate of Magnesia, 1900-1950 Clear glass bottle and porcelain stopper with rubber washer attached with wire to bottle. Bottle embossed with 'CITRATE OF MAGNESIA' surrounded by a decorative shield. The bottle has two mold seams down sides.
993.1255.1: Bottle, DispensaryBottle, Dispensary, 1927-1966 Round narrow mouthed dispensary bottle with stopper. Printed label adhering to bottle gives contents [bottle now empty] and suppliers details 'Elixir Beplex PHYSICIAN'S PHARMACY LTD. 618 W. GEORGIA ST. VANCOUVER CANADA 683-2241'.
993.1254.1: Bottle, DispensaryBottle, Dispensary, 1927-1966 Round shouldered, narrow mouth dispensary bottle with stopper. Printed label adhering to bottle gives contents [bottle now empty] and suppliers details 'Liquor Arsenicalis B.P. 1914 PHYSICIAN'S PHARMACY LTD. 618 W. GEORGIA ST. VANCOUVER, CANADA 683-2241'.
993.1256.1: Bottle, DispensaryBottle, Dispensary, 1930-1960 Cylindrical wide mouth dispensary bottle with stopper. Two printed label adhering to bottle, one gives contents [bottle now empty] and Pharmacy details: 'PHENYLBUTAZONE 100mg PHYSICIANS' PHARMACY LTD. 618 W. GEORGIA ST. VANCOUVER, CANADA 683-2241'. The second label gives contents, suppliers and dose details: 'STANLEY DRUG PRODUCTS LTD. VANCOUVER B.C. DOSE: 2 TO 4 TABLETS DAILY IN DIVIDED DOSES'. Embossed on base 'T.C.W.-CO. U.S.A. L-6-I'.
996.3.3: Bottle, MedicineBottle, Medicine, 1851-1900 Flat round shouldered medicine bottle with stopper in oval cylindrical case. The leather covered case is lined with pink-purple paper. Suppliers details are printed in gold lettering on lid top 'HOMÅ’OPATHIC CHEMISTS JAMES EPPS & CO. 48. THREADNEEDLE ST. & 170. PICCADILLY LONDON'.
993.228.1: Bottle, PharmacyBottle, Pharmacy Round narrow mouthed pharmacy bottle with stopper. White label covered with sheet of plastic adhering to surface with black lettering 'SP.MENTH.P.'.
993.232.1: Bottle, PharmacyBottle, Pharmacy, 1900-1930 Round narrow mouthed pharmacy bottle with stopper. Painted label on front with black lettering on gold background 'INF:CALUMB:C:'. Some liquid remains.
2006.346.1: Bottle, PharmacyBottle, Pharmacy, 1901-1936 Empty amber coloured dispensary bottle, square, narrow necked with stopper. 'ACL' [applied color label] type permanent label 'TINCT. IODI' in recess. Molding seam down both sides, concave base with embossed lettering 'W. T. CO. C U.S.A.' [Whitall, Tatum & Co.].
998.10.10: Bottles, Venereal Disease/Leprosy TabletBottles, Venereal Disease/Leprosy Tablet, 1894-1924 Four rectangular clear glass bottles with embossed Chinese characters on the front, back and sides. Front face reads: Venereal Disease/Leprosy Tablet. Back face reads: Lay Yun Jack Tong [supplier]. Side face (1) reads: Phone Soong Upper Street. Side face (2) reads: Guangdong East Macau [supplier's address].