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993.1238.1: 'Despatch' Journal'Despatch' Journal, 1944 "Despatch" The official journal of The Canadian Red Cross Society, Vol.5 No.2, March 1944. 12 pages including front and back cover.
995.4.11: Bacterial Vaccines in CaseBacterial Vaccines in Case, c. 1937 Folded case held closed by popper, inside are 4 bottles with rubber stoppers containing 12½ cc bacterial vaccine for Gonococcus, Influenza, Acne and Stapphylococcus. A metal pocket syringe holder with pocket clip attached; 'American' stamped into clip surface and 'SHERMANS BACTERINS DETROIT' stamped into lid base. A rectangular cube of blue-grey sharpening stone [pumice] with 'Sherman Vaccines' printed on surface in red, in a holder, and a sheet of directions to its use. The labels on the bacterial vaccine bottles have the expiry date: month, day and year, quantity held in the bottle...
999.5.1: Bed BathBed Bath, 1930-1950 Large rectangular, white enameled ware tray, partially covered, with black trim around rim of opened area.
999.7.1: BedpanBedpan, 20th Cent. Ceramic 'slipper' type bedpan, glazed. Curved spout extends from rounded end.
998.10.12: Box, PharmacyBox, Pharmacy, 1960-1970 Box for Fostex® acne treatment medication, physicians sample. Label adhering to bottom with owner and suppliers name and address.
993.23.1: LancetLancet, 19th Cent. Spear-pointed single blade lancet with tortoise-shell guards, stamped with makers name 'JOHNSON LONDON'
999.6.1: Potty, Child'sPotty, Child's, 1930-1950 A round handled enameled ware child's potty. White enamel with black trim on seamless pot. Label adhering to the surface reads 'GSW OPAL STAINLESS Enameled Ware MADE IN CANADA BY GENERAL STEEL WARES LIMITED'.
993.192.1: Prescription & Case Report BookPrescription & Case Report Book, 1929 Prescription & case report book in leather wallet, 'D.H.Paterson, M.D.' embossed in gold lettering on front of wallet. Inside, the wallet has 4 pockets on left side and 1 on right to hold the book. The pad contains sheets with perforated line separating the prescription part of the sheet and the case report section. On the back of the case report section is a diagram, in red, of the upper torso. Towards the back of the book is a pink sheet with manufacturers name and address to be used to order a prescription and case book pad refill and/or a blood test card.
2011.30.1: Syringe, TuberculinSyringe, Tuberculin, 1970-1998 1cc graduated all glass tuberculin syringe, with Luer slip tip, in box. No. 2004, catalogue No. 1 YT. Syringe dimensions given.
2011.36.1: Syringe, VaccineSyringe, Vaccine, 1960-1998 Squared graduated [1-6] glass syringe barrel with eccentric tip and metal piston rod. 'Gouttes' [drops], 'INAVA' and 'Made in France' etched into surface.
993.51.1: Tongue ScraperTongue Scraper, 19th Cent. Silver plated 'Georgian' tongue scraper, English. Plating very worn, decorative design on one side of object. Poss. remains of black enamel decoration.
993.370.1: Urinal, ChineseUrinal, Chinese, 18th Cent. Chinese style underglaze blue floral decorated ceramic urinal. Metal handle attached to top [old repair to replace original handle, now missing]. Curved rectangular shape. Bat design on spout [bat symbolizes happiness]. Rim design from 13th or 14th century Ming dynasty traditions, but the urinal is a copy of this older design, probably 18th century.
999.8.1: Urinal, MaleUrinal, Male, 1921-1980 Box containing 'DAVOL Quality' No.5 size male urinal pouch with waistbelt and accessories which include a connecting tube, spare elastic belt strap and 3 safety pins. For day and night use. Paper label attached to pouch.
2011.39.1: Vaccination Information PadVaccination Information Pad, c. 1963 A pad of five patient information sheets on smallpox vaccinations. There are three pictures showing the healing process of the vaccination site printed on one side of the sheet. Care information, some common reactions to the vaccination with suggested medication and space to write a date to when revaccination should be given is printed on the other side of the sheet.
2011.34.1: VaccinatorVaccinator, 1950-1978 PADBURY's double ended "rotary" vaccinator with spatula and five spear points in case. The short needle points are anchored to a small disc, the central needle is blunt and longer than the other four sharp points. 'DOWN LONDON' stamped into vaccinator's handle and 'DOWN BROS LONDON' stamped into case lid. Case dimensions given.