Radiomedicine: Objects 1 - 6 of 6

993.638.1:  X-Ray Tube X-Ray Tube, 1901-1940 Kesselring x-ray tube consisting of a spherical glass bulb (tinted purple from metal deposits) with cylindrical stems carrying the electrodes: the anode is at the bottom, the cathode at the top, and the anticathode is just above the anode. A fourth stem, the auto regeneration mechanism, has a long wire that stops near the cathode. Manufacturer's name and address, serial number [No.10926], patent date and number [undecipherable] stamped onto cathode stem's surface in white.
2006.297.1: FluoroscopeFluoroscope, 1930-1950 Hand held fluoroscope consists of a coated steel hood of pyramid form with handle. At the larger end of the hood is a lead glass fluoroscopic screen. At the smaller end is a viewing port of glass and a foam rubber cushion to provide a tight fit across the operators face [now distorted]. Surrounding the viewing port is a sheet of lead for protection and there would have been a leaded rubber apron fixed in front of the handle to give further protection, which is now missing.
993.990.1: Hand FluoroscopeHand Fluoroscope, c. 1920 Patterson X-ray hand-held fluoroscope. Pyramid-shaped hood with a fluoroscopic screen attached to widest end [8x10 inch viewing area] with plastic protection sheet. The smaller end of the hood, the viewing port, is curved with a furred cushion. The handle is missing. Manufacturer's plaque attached 'Patterson X-RAY Screens'.
993.1281.1: RevigatorRevigator, c. 1920 Radium Ore Revigator. Ceramic jar with cork stoppered hole for tap [missing] lined with uranium and radium ore. Details of manufacturer, description and instructions of use printed on surface under glaze. Directions given on side of jar - '1. Fill jar every night 2. Use hydrant or any good water 3. Drink freely when thirsty and upon arising and retiring. Average six or more glasses daily. Scrub with stiff brush and scald monthly'. Lid missing.
2006.299.1: Ultra-Violet GogglesUltra-Violet Goggles, 1929-1978 Deep case containing goggles for protection against ultra-violet rays during treatment. The goggles have round green tinted lenses, hinged side protectors and cable curl sides with end stumps. The case is brown coated steel with a snap lid. 'WEAR THESE GOGGLES PROTECT YOUR EYES' stamped in relief on the lid with interlocking manufacturer's trademark AO. The letters 'S' within a circle and 'D' are engraved into each of the lenses. Case dimensions given.
2006.298.1: Ultra-Violet Safety GogglesUltra-Violet Safety Goggles, 1930-1950 Lidded box containing two pairs of safety goggles [the box may not be the original one for the goggles]. The box has blue painted steel corner clips and the words 'GENERAL ELECTRIC X-RAY CORPORATION ULTRA-VIOLET GOGGLES' printed in silver lettering on the lid. The goggles have a metal frame with a W-bridge, cable curl sides with end stumps, hinged metal mesh side protectors and glazed with round dark tinted lenses. 'WILLSON' is stamped into the bridge of both pair of goggles. Box dimensions given.