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2006.25.1: Abdominal RetractorAbdominal Retractor, 20th Cent. Two part sliding abdominal retractor, consists of two U-shaped spreading arms arranged in opposed positions and overlapping with a sliding connection at one side. Each arm has it extremity at the opposite side inwardly turned to form a hook, with the hooks facing outwardly. 'PAT.APR.12.1910' stamped into surface.
993.1116.1: Aspirator KitAspirator Kit, 1860-1901 Aspirator consisting of a metal barrel and metal piston, with two needles, a two way stopcock and tubing, in a mahogany case. On the barrel surface is an armorial plaque bearing a coat of arms with 'DAKIN BROs CREECHURCHLANE LONDON' in relief below. Two lengths of tube are connected by glass tubing, through which to observe the presence or absence of fluid, with a male and female hose end adapter at either end. Case dimensions given.
993.1262.1: Aspirator SetAspirator Set, 20th Cent. Cased portable aspirator set consisting of a syringe with a bulbous two way mount and removable tips, two trocars, three needles with regular points, one needle and inner probe with an eyelet, two outer cannulae with screw hubs, a double-way stopcock with screw end, two extension adapters with a hose end. Case dimensions given.
2006.172.1: Aspirator SetAspirator Set, 1941-1970 Cased Potain type aspirator set, consisting of an all-metal syringe barrel and piston, a double tip attachment for inward and outward flow [directed by arrows], a bottle mount with two stopcocks incorporating female and male Luer-Lok stoppers, four needles with cannulae, two rubber tubes with end hub connectors [each tube now broken into two parts], a rod and two curved wires [stilettes]. Case dimensions given.
993.1115.1: Aspirator, Potain's, SetAspirator, Potain's, Set, 1871-1920 Mahogany hinged case containing a Pontain's aspirator set: a syringe with heraldic arms in relief with 'MATTHEWS CAREY STREET LINCOLNS INN LONDON' in relief below; two tubes both with a male and a female connector end; a two-way potain's aspirating stopcock with a cork and rubber bung; three needles, slip-on, regular point, with one needle having a wire inner canula. Case dimensions given.
2006.97.1: Aspirator/Injection Syringe, CasedAspirator/Injection Syringe, Cased, 1950-1970 Cased aspirator/injection syringe set consisting of a lidded case with a lift-out rack; a 20 cc graduated \'Record\' syringe with metal plunger and tapered tip; seven sharp pointed needles with cannula wires, all have \'A.L.H\' and \'SS\' stamped into the hub surface; a three-way stopcock [to use syringe as aspirator]; a section of rubber tubing with slip-on hub inserted, held in place by a thin cord; 4 tubes of hypodermic tablets: Morphine Sulphate ¼ grain, Atropine Sulphate, Morphine & Atropine and Strychnine. Syringe\'s manufacturer logo, three arrows, stamped into the barrel....
993.1176.1: Clamp, CircumcisionClamp, Circumcision, 1950-1980 Circumcision clamp, 1.3cm diameter for use on newborns. 'GOMCO USA' & 'PAT 119180' stamped into base and '1.3CM.' stamped into underside of base, 'GOMCO USA' stamped into body part.
2006.555.1: Clamp, RegulatingClamp, Regulating, 20th Cent. Regulating cut-off clamp, HOFFMAN screw compressor with bar in fixed position.
993.632.1: Electrode SetElectrode Set, 20th Cent. A varnished case with purple lining in the lid, containing a cupping glass and 4 electrodes: a vaginal, a laryngeal, a ball-end and a tapered headed electrode all insulated with polished hard rubber. Incomplete, 4 instruments are missing. Dimensions given are for closed case only.
993.1144.1: ElevatorElevator, 1951-2000 Curved with probe-end, flat handle.
2006.459.1: Enema KitEnema Kit, 1839-1850 Mahogany case containing an enema kit consisting of a pump, 3 screw rectal pipes, each with cord repeatedly wrapped around the outer surface, and a rubber tubing with connecting pipes at either end; 1 straight, 1 right angled, both with screw connection fittings. The manufacturer's name and address 'Savigny & Co. 67, James Street' is engraved into the pump's surface.
993.150.1: Excelsior SyringeExcelsior Syringe, c. 1959 'Excelsior Syringe' with single finger ring and catheter tip. Asbestos string is wrapped round the plunger tip and an area around the plunger stem.
993.221.1: ForcepsForceps, 1911-1960 Forceps with mouse teeth, straight.
993.1156.1: Forceps, BiopsyForceps, Biopsy, 20th Cent. YEOMAN biopsy punch forceps. Straight jaw with scissor handles. Length of shaft 10½ inches[26.8cm]. Collar adjustment to permit rotation of jaws through full 360°. Name of supplier 'STEVENS' and material 'STAINLESS STEEL' stamped into handle.
993.1157.1: Forceps, SutureForceps, Suture Michel combined applying and removing forceps for suture clips. Instrument ends with serrated cutting edge blade at one end and 4 x 5 teeth at other. 'SKLARCHROMEU.S.A.' stamped into handle.