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993.179.1: Syringe in Pocket SterilizerSyringe in Pocket Sterilizer, 1949-1960 Leak-proof pocket sterilizer case with a pocket clip attached, containing 1cc syringe; graduated glass 'Pyrex' barrel with round metal piston rod and metal plunger. 'BENCARD LONDON' stamped into lid.
993.1005.1: Syringe KitSyringe Kit, 1930-1959 Hinged wooden case with M.D. U.S.A. stamped on lid in silver lettering. Case contents: removable lining plates held in place by 2 small screws each [3 missing] with clips attached holding 2cc graduated glass syringe barrel with glass plunger stem, 2 sharp pointed needles and 4 empty glass tubes of tabloids with labels and cork stoppers [one tube broken and without stopper]. Each tube contained 20 hypodermic tablets [now empty]; strychnine sulfate 1/60 grain [1.1 mg.], atropine sulfate 1/100 gr., morphine sulfate U.S.P. ⅛ grain [0.0081 gm.] and morphine sulphate.
993.1321.1: Syringe KitSyringe Kit, 1900-1914 Rectangular lidded case containing lift-out frame, 1cc graduated syringe barrel, detachable collar, round piston rod, 2 needles with cannula sizes 12 & 16, needle holder.
2006.646.1: Syringe SetSyringe Set, 1938-1960 Alcohol syringe and needle container with syringe and hypodermic needles. The cylindrical container has a hermetically closing cap for safe transportation. The set consists of a 2cc graduated glass barrel syringe with a tapered tip and four hypodermic needles with regular points. 'ORIGINAL-RECORD' and manufacturer's trademark, a quiver holding 3 arrows, are stamped into the piston rod thumb rest. 'PERPETUA' is engraved onto the container's surface. 'Chrom' & 'Acufirm' are stamped into the needle's hub for parts c, d & f and '16' & 'ACUFIRM CHROM' stamped into part e. Case dimensions given.
996.5.1: Syringe, 'VIM' HypodermicSyringe, 'VIM' Hypodermic, 1937-1954 'VIM' 50cc graduated all-glass hypodermic syringe barrel with plunger stem and standard nozzle; in a lidded box stamped with the manufacturer's trademark and details on the lid. A metal adapter tip is attached to the nozzle. '#250 MacGregor Inst.Co.' is baked into the surface of the syringe barrel in red lettering. The plunger base is marked with a fused-in precision line to facilitate dosage measurements. Box dimensions given.
2006.209.1: Syringe, AseptoSyringe, Asepto, 1950-1990 Plungerless asepto syringe: ⅛ oz. pipette with a slender nozzle and suction bulb, in a lidded box. Product code no. 2031. Incomplete, internal box support to hold the instrument is missing. Box dimensions given.
2011.31.1: Syringe, CartridgeSyringe, Cartridge, 1950-1966 Boxed "MITREX" all steel cartridge syringe for use with disposable pre-filled glass cartridge units; consists of a central hollow cylindrical barrel, plunger with thumb rest, crossbar finger rest and two screw-on nozzle tips. ‘MADE IN ENGLAND FOR MITREX MEDICAL & INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT LTD.’ stamped into barrel. Cartridge syringe with nozzle dimensions given.
993.176.1: Syringe, HypodermicSyringe, Hypodermic, 1946-1965 1cc graduated octagonal shaped frosted glass syringe barrel with round blue frosted glass plunger (octagonal cap).
993.177.1: Syringe, HypodermicSyringe, Hypodermic, 1946-1965 1cc graduated octagonal shaped frosted glass syringe barrel with round, blue frosted glass plunger (octagonal cap).
993.182.1: Syringe, Hypodermic KitSyringe, Hypodermic Kit, 1911-1950 Metal oval case with lift-out frame containing 1cc graduated glass syringe barrel with round glass piston rod. 'HAWKINS. LONDON' stamped into lid. 'BRITISH MADE' stamped into lift-out frame. Needle missing.
993.217.1: Syringe, SerumSyringe, Serum, 1946-1960 Graduated, 50ml, 'PYREX BRAND' glass barrel with hollow glass plunger.
993.4.1: Syringe, SetSyringe, Set, 1950-1980 Leather covered hinged lidded wooden case with cardboard and plastic inserts. Contains glass hypodermic syringe barrel with plated metal mount, tip shield and flanged rubber finger rest collar. Thumb ring on graduated semi round piston rod with rubber end. 3 needles with cannulae; 2 with regular points and 1 with blunt end. Manufacturer's name 'PARKE, DAVIS & CO.' and 'PAT AUG25 1885' stamped into syringe mount.
993.175.1: Syringe, SetSyringe, Set, 1910-1950 Aluminium case with hinged lid and manufacturer's name and address stamped on the base; containing a syringe with a top cap, finger rest and 1.5cc graduated piston rod, 2 needles [both screw into case], 3 glass tabloid vials; ' HYPODERMATIC TABLETS No.2. Apomorphine hydrochl. 1-10 gr. [empty], ' HYPODERMATIC TABLETS No.5. Cocaine hydrochlorate, 1-4 gr. [with cork stopper, empty], corked vial containing one tablet, no label. The case is held in a leather draw string pouch. Information sheet on syringe and hypodermic tablets.
993.1292.1: Syringe, SetSyringe, Set, 20th Cent. Hinged lidded wooden case with a central catch fitting. The lid is decorated with brass screw heads and black Chinese characters (translation - 'Intravenous Injection Equipment'). The case contains 2cc syringe with graduation scales baked into the barrel, with a cork pad between the plunger end and the syringe tip; 5cc syringe with graduation scales baked into the barrel, the barrel and plunger are both numbered to form a matching set; two sharp pointed hypodermic needles with thin cannula inserts; two special needles with a short bevel point, large spool hub and fitted stylet with matched...
993.1290.1: Syringe, SetSyringe, Set, 1950-1993 A hinged case with black Chinese characters on the lid (translation - \'Intravenous Injection Equipment\'). The case contains a 10cc, 20cc and 30cc graduated blue glass syringe barrel and plunger with a cork pad between the plunger end and the syringe tip, which may indicate that the syringes have never been used. Attached to the internal lid surface are clips that hold three needle tubes, with each tube holding two needles with thin cannula inserts. Case dimensions given.