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993.615.1: 'Combination Universal' Cystoscope Set'Combination Universal' Cystoscope Set, 1906-1945 A 'Combination Universal' cystoscope set in a case consisting of two outer sheaths, one large for simultaneous catheterization of both ureters and irrigation, and one small sheath for irrigation and examination, both sheaths have removable ends; a periscope that fits into the small sheath ['ZEISS-KOLLM.']; a simple irrigation attachment; double-way irrigation stopcock; cords, switch and contact clamp. Two flexible x-ray graduated bulbous tip ureter catheters size 4 with wires and two flexible olive tips ureter catheters with loop ended wires are held in the lid and are not original to the...
993.556.1: Boomerang Needle HolderBoomerang Needle Holder, 1901-1950 YOUNG's boomerang needle holder with a spring mechanism in handle and a suture needle insitu. 'DOWNBROSLONDON' stamped into handle.
2006.161.1: CatheterCatheter, 20th Cent. Plain female urethral catheter, solid tip with two oval eyelets [one each side] and a screw joint which connects to a stem. Incomplete.
998.7.3: CatheterCatheter, 1980-1998 Male urethral catheter consisting of a long tube curving at one end with two oval eyelets [one each side], a screw joint which connects a funnel stem, and a stopper/holder.
2007.3.1: CatheterCatheter, c. 1900 Plain male catheter with stilette. The catheter has two finger rest loops situated at the top where the stilette is inserted, and a solid rounded tip with two oval eyelets [one each side].
2006.530.1: CatheterCatheter, 20th Cent. Male catheter curving at one end with an extended eyelet and solid end.
2006.149.1: CatheterCatheter, 1901-1950 Plain male double current catheter, with divided channel and solid rounded tip with two oval eyelets [one each side].
993.423.1: CatheterCatheter, 20th Cent. Three piece, screw joint, female catheter with two oval eyelets.
993.112.1: Catheter SetCatheter Set, c. 1900 Set of 'Professor Lister's Catheters' in case. 7x solid end catheters; 6 with oval eye on one side size nos. 1, 2, 10, 11, 12, prostatic no.9 and 2 with oval eye on both sides [no sizes], 4 with guides. Stoppered bottle containing liquid [lubricant?]. 'Professor Lister's Catheters' printed in gold lettering on inner lid surface. Incomplete 6 catheters missing.
993.847.1: Catheter, LubricatingCatheter, Lubricating, 1897-1940 Instrument for administering semi-solid substances, consisting of a catheter screwed onto a tubular barrel with a threaded piston top. 'HARTZ' stamped into catheter top and barrel.
993.110.1: CystoscopeCystoscope, 1900-1940 Early electrical cystoscope consisting of socket current controller with screw connection for fitting into electric lamp socket, frosted glass surgical lamp bulb [diamond shaped label 'WATTS FEMCO VOLTS' adhering to surface], 2 piece irrigation cystoscope, conducting cords [which fasten into the binding posts of the controller and to the cystoscope], sheet with directions for operation.
2006.289.1: Cystoscopic Bladder RongeurCystoscopic Bladder Rongeur, 1955-1990 Cystoscopic bladder rongeur, down cutting with two irrigating stopcocks, small size. Manufacturer's name 'AMER.CYSTO MAKERS INC.', 'MADE IN U.S.A.' and 'VGH' [Vancouver General Hospital] stamped into the surface. Incomplete, periscope and lamp missing.
993.616.1: Irrigating UrethroscopeIrrigating Urethroscope, 1901-1950 An irrigating urethroscope in a case consisting of one sheath with a stopcock and outlet nozzle and three inter-changeable probe ends of different sizes, a universal telescope, a magnifying lens attachment, an obturator No. 25, cords and switch, a boxed spare lamp, one galvano-cautery point [handle and conducting cord missing] and a cauterizing brush. Manufacturer C.G. Heynemann's label is attached to the lid. Paper label attached to base reads 'Es ist ratsam den Abflu├čkanal am Tubus sofort nach Gebrauch gut durchzusp├╝len, am besten unter Zuhilfenahme einer Spritze, damit eine...
993.1171.1: Irrigation NozzleIrrigation Nozzle, 1951-1980 Urethral irrigation nozzle with shield. Screw on tapered tip. 'J.SKLAR MFC CO.' stamped into the surface.
999.3.77: Irrigation Tube, UrethralIrrigation Tube, Urethral, 1911-1950 Simple retrojecting tube, curved, with a screw-on bulbous tip with perforations around the neck so that the spray is projected backwards; at the other end a screw-on connector to attach a hose.