2006.646.1: Syringe Set, 1938-1960

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2006.646.1: Syringe Set.
Image No. 4116 ; Photographer: Helen Kingsley

Object Description

Alcohol syringe and needle container with syringe and hypodermic needles. The cylindrical container has a hermetically closing cap for safe transportation. The set consists of a 2cc graduated glass barrel syringe with a tapered tip and four hypodermic needles with regular points. 'ORIGINAL-RECORD' and manufacturer's trademark, a quiver holding 3 arrows, are stamped into the piston rod thumb rest. 'PERPETUA' is engraved onto the container's surface. 'Chrom' & 'Acufirm' are stamped into the needle's hub for parts c, d & f and '16' & 'ACUFIRM CHROM' stamped into part e. Case dimensions given.

Object Classification

Accession Number: 2006.646.1
Collection: Surgery, General
Date: 1938-1960

Object Dimensions

  • Height: 10 cm
  • Width: 4 cm

Object Parts

  • a) Case with cap
  • b) Syringe with tip, collar, piston rod and cap
  • c) Needle
  • d) Needle
  • e) Needle
  • f) Needle

Object Materials

  • chrome plate,
  • copper alloy,
  • glass,
  • metal,
  • plating,
  • stainless steel

Acquisition Detail

  • Manufacturer of part c) : Ernst Kratz (and parts d, e & f)
  • Manufacturer of part b) : Weidemeyer & Co.
  • Owner: Dr. Brabizon J. Hallowes
  • History of Use: Used by Dr. Brabizon Hallowes [1885-1961] born in Australia he relocated to Vancouver in 1936 where he opened a general practice. In later life he moved to Saturna Island.