993.1005.1: Syringe Kit, 1930-1959

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993.1005.1: Syringe Kit.
Image No. 1226 ; Photographer: Helen Kingsley

Object Description

Hinged wooden case with M.D. U.S.A. stamped on lid in silver lettering. Case contents: removable lining plates held in place by 2 small screws each [3 missing] with clips attached holding 2cc graduated glass syringe barrel with glass plunger stem, 2 sharp pointed needles and 4 empty glass tubes of tabloids with labels and cork stoppers [one tube broken and without stopper]. Each tube contained 20 hypodermic tablets [now empty]; strychnine sulfate 1/60 grain [1.1 mg.], atropine sulfate 1/100 gr., morphine sulfate U.S.P. ⅛ grain [0.0081 gm.] and morphine sulphate.

Object Classification

Accession Number: 993.1005.1
Collection: Surgery, General
Date: 1930-1959

Object Dimensions

  • Length: 9 cm
  • Height: 3 cm
  • Width: 5.6 cm

Object Parts

  • a) Hinged case with front catch, and internal holding clips attached to removable lining plates
  • b) 2cc graduated syringe barrel
  • c) Plunger stem
  • d) Needle 'RUSTLESS' & '26' stamped into hub
  • e) Needle '165' & 'Lilly' stamped into hub
  • f) Stoppered tube labelled 'ATROPINE SULFATE 1/100 GR.'
  • g) Stoppered tube labelled 'STRYCHNINE SULFATE 1/60 GRAIN (1.1 mg.)'
  • h) Stoppered tube labelled 'MORPHINE SULFATE U.S.P. ⅛ GRAIN (0.0081 Gm.)
  • i) Broken tube with torn label 'MORPHINE SULPHATE'

Object Materials

  • copper alloy,
  • cork,
  • cotton wool,
  • glass,
  • metal,
  • paper,
  • plating,
  • printing ink,
  • wood

Acquisition Detail

  • Manufacturer of part g) : John Wyeth & Brother Inc. (& part h)
  • Manufacturer: Becton, Dickinson & Co. (syringe)
  • Manufacturer of part f) : Hance Bros. & White Co.
  • Supplier of part i) : Fraser Tablet Co.
  • Owner: Mr. George Dalziel
  • History of Use: Belonged to George Dalziel, born in 1908 son of a Vancouver mining engineer, who started trapping when he was 17. In 1934 he got his flying license and bought a plane becoming known as the "Flying Trapper". In 1938 he started up a commercial flying business called ‘Peace River Air Service’. In 1941 he became a civilian flying instructor for the RCAF at Portage la Prairie, Man., and later did aerial reconnaissance work for the United States Air Force during the building of the Alaska Highway. After the war George Dalziel returned to commercial flying and moved his family to Watson Lake, Yukon and started 'B.C.- Yukon Air Service'. He retired in 1980 and died in 1982.