993.175.1: Syringe, Set, 1910-1950

Additional Images

993.175.1: Syringe, Set. Aluminium case containing syringe set
Image No. 1470 Aluminium case containing syringe set; Photographer: Helen Kingsley

Object Description

Aluminium case with hinged lid and manufacturer's name and address stamped on the base; containing a syringe with a top cap, finger rest and 1.5cc graduated piston rod, 2 needles [both screw into case], 3 glass tabloid vials; ' HYPODERMATIC TABLETS No.2. Apomorphine hydrochl. 1-10 gr. [empty], ' HYPODERMATIC TABLETS No.5. Cocaine hydrochlorate, 1-4 gr. [with cork stopper, empty], corked vial containing one tablet, no label. The case is held in a leather draw string pouch. Information sheet on syringe and hypodermic tablets.

Object Classification

Accession Number: 993.175.1
Collection: Surgery, General
Date: 1910-1950

Object Dimensions

Object Parts

  • a) Case with hinged lid
  • b) Syringe
  • c) Needle
  • d) Needle with leather washer
  • e) Vial: Apomorphine hydrochl.
  • f) Vial: Cocaine hydrochlorate
  • g) Vial containing tablet
  • h) Draw string pouch
  • i) Information sheet

Object Materials

  • aluminium,
  • cord,
  • cork,
  • cotton wool,
  • drug-tablet,
  • glass,
  • leather,
  • metal,
  • paper,
  • plating,
  • printing ink,
  • steel,
  • thread

Acquisition Detail

  • Manufacturer: Parke, Davis & Co. Inc.
  • Owner: Dr. Donald H. Paterson
  • History of Use: Dr. Donald Paterson [1890-1968] a pioneer and leader in paediatrics. In 1946 he founded the Health Centre for Children in Vancouver and in 1954 was a founding member of the Board of the B.C. Association for Retarded Children.