993.247.1: Microscope, Compound, Monocular, c. 1870

Additional Images

993.247.1: Microscope, Compound, Monocular. Side view
Image No. 1190 Side view; Photographer: Helen Kingsley

Object Description

The compound monocular microscope consists of a body tube with an objective and a thread mounted removable lens and eyepiece. The body tube slides into a housing which is supported onto a rounded pillar to which the square stage is fixed by 2 screws. The pillar slots into a round base, weighted with lead, to which a concave mirror mounted on a gimbal is attached. Fine focus is achieved by sliding the body tube up and down the housing. 'VIRANE', '2' and 'PARIS' is engraved on underside of the stage. The microscope stands 19cm (min.) extending to 21.5cm.

Object Classification

Accession Number: 993.247.1
Collection: Diagnostic, Laboratory
Date: c. 1870

Object Dimensions

  • Height: 20 cm
  • Diameter: 5.5 cm

Object Parts

  • a) Weighted base with mirror and gimbal attached
  • b) Pillar and housing with stage
  • c) Eye piece with lens top and bottom
  • d) Body tube and objective lens

Object Materials

  • brass,
  • glass,
  • iron,
  • lacquer,
  • lead,
  • silvering

Acquisition Detail

  • Owner: Dr. C. A. Graves
  • History of Use: Brought from England by Anglican missionary Rev. Charles Harrison [appointed (by Project Canterbury) to the The Hydah Mission at Masset in 1882] and given to Dr Graves, a Medical Attendant to the Haida Indians at Masset, Queen Charlotte Islands, in 1912.